# 4 – Focus on what gives you most energy

“People waste so much time and potential in jobs that no longer make them happy. What they don’t realise is that there are so many people waiting for them to start doing what they love, because this is where they can make true difference.“

So, what did you discover about yourself in the previous exercise?  Did you feel inspired by the possibility of who you are? Fantastic! If you found it hard, don’t worry. Discovering who you are is an ongoing process and all long-lasting results take time. Our next steps will help you discover a lot more about you, in fact a lot more about the inspiring and powerful version of you. I truly believe it exists and is waiting to be discovered.

“Every person can be successful, wealthy, happy and share their beautiful energy. The question is do you know what gives you energy?“

Doing what you love brings you more energy. Your love for your job is your secret energy source. It gives you the opportunity to unlock your potential and the power to succeed. Doing what you love often comes easy to you, so easy that you can take it for granted and don’t even realise it. Have you ever wondered how amazing and energised could you feel if you were in a job that you truly love?

Step #4 coffee break exercise:

  • 2 Think about your dream job again. Don’t worry how many you come up with. Just play with ideas. This time be more specific – Where are you? What are you doing? Which activities or tasks make you feel motivated, energised and inspired? What makes you feel uplifted?
  • Recognise your feelings. How does it feel? Write down your discoveries.
  • Share with your buddy what you discovered. Have you wondered what gives them energy? Why don’t you ask? Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together

I am curious to find out how you got on. How did you answer these questions? Did you find them useful? Have you discovered what gives you most energy? Always happy to read about your discoveries and learn about the topics that you find challenging. Feel free to leave a comment below.

# 4 – Focus on what gives you most energy

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