# 5 – Create space for amazing possibilities

“Amazing career opportunities exist. Your dream job already exists. It’s just a question of time when you start believing it.

Before we look at today’s topic, I would like to acknowledge you. If you have not realised, you have already taken 4 steps. And that is a great progress. Some people complain about their situation or find it hard to believe that such a thing like their dream job could exist. This is not you. You are leading a change not just for yourself but for other people too – through opening yourself to a possibility of finding your dream job, to be happy and wealthy, you are opening the door for other people to realise that it is possible and they can do it too. Thank you for being inspiring.

How did your step 4 go? Have you visualised your dream job again? Have you started noticing the positive emotions and inspiration? That is wonderful. If your dream job has not appeared in its full beauty yet, it’s not a big deal. It will.

“Every person can be successful, wealthy and happy. How often do you think about it?“

What do I mean by this? Well, we all have our little voice and sometimes it can be pretty negative. Here are just a few examples of some pretty negative and sabotaging thoughts my clients and followers shared with me:

  • I feel stuck in my job and there is no way out.
  • Everyone around seems to accept that there is no such a thing like a dream job, so why should I be the lucky one?
  • Do I have what it takes to change my careers?
  • I’ve put so much money, time and effort to get where I am. What if I am naive and my dream job will not work out for me?
  • Yes, I feel sad, bored, frustrated, ____________ (feel in your word), but who doesn’t?


It’s time to stop sabotaging your success and instead explore possibilities. Start thinking about the amazing job(s) you could have.

Step #5 coffee break exercise:

  • Believe in your dream jobThink about your dream job again. This time focus more on your little voice. What does it say to you? Notice how your little voice is talking to you. Is it negative or encouraging?
  • Write down the negative thoughts as they come up. They are just thoughts and mean nothing … let them go and then create new encouraging thoughts. Try to create new possibilities that will inspire you.

Example: negative thought: “I would love to become a published author, but I make loads of spelling mistakes. I can’t do it”. Replace it with a new encouraging thought: “I make spelling mistakes, but there are people who can review my grammar. Becoming a published author is totally possible.”

  • Share with your friend about your negative thoughts and your new encouraging thoughts. Ask them about their dream job. Do they believe it exists?  Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together.

# 5Create the space for amazing possibilities

Ps: Back in 2011 I wanted to give up my job. I was tired of it. I was planning on moving to France and said to my friends “The only thing that would stop me from moving to France is finding a new job as a supervisor.” My dream was to become a manager and learn how to lead people. I was not finding any opportunity, simply due to lack of my managerial skills. At the time I was so focused on moving to France. Three months later the company I worked for advertised a brand new managerial position. I decided to apply. Guess who was offered the job? My dream came true. So can yours.

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