When you are clear on your reason why, your “big why”, everything else falls into place.

Here we are again, thinking about your dream job. Isn’t that just exciting? What did you discover about your little voice yesterday? Is it saying to you “Wow, this is just amazing! I can’t wait to find my dream job!”  Or is your little voice still doubtful “Hmm, well … yes this can work for others, but not me!” This is absolutely normal. Your little voice will question your intentions from time to time. The step forward is to find your big why. Once you find your big why, your little voice gets something inspiring to focus on.

“Every person can be successful, wealthy and happy. What is your reason to find your dream job?“

If you don’t know why something is important to you, why would you bother doing it in first place? Have you ever asked yourself why do you want your dream job? Are you able to answer in one simple sentence? Not everyone is clear on what their why is. Having clarity on your big why changes everything. It helps you stay inspired, focused and committed. And most importantly it will help you get through the obstacles and take powerful steps forward.

Step #6 coffee break exercise:

  • Step 3 Dare to discover who you areThink about your dream job again. Why do you want it? Write down 10 reasons why you want your dream job.
  • Find your big why. Read through your 10 reasons and give each reason a score from 1 to 10 depending on how much they inspire you. 1 for least inspiring, 10 for most inspiring. Which reason did you give the score 10? This is your big why.
  • Talk to your friend about your reason why. Ask them about their dream job. What is their reason for doing what they are doing?  Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together.

# 6Get clear on your big why

What is your experience? Always happy to read about your discoveries. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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