“Making your dream come through is like a roller coaster ride. Get ready. You need to go down in order to get up again.”

Congratulations on making your declaration in your previous step! Declaring your commitment is a big step forward. You will see how many actions you took despite feeling down only because of your commitment. And at some point the times when you feel down will come. Knowing this right now gives you a great opportunity to get ready and put a support structure in place. It works just like taking a ride on a rollercoaster. The first thing you do after sitting down is securing your seat belt to protect yourself and feel safe. Same works for your performance …

“We need ups to shine and working through downs to shine even more.”

How come that so many people are still thrilled to go on a rollercoaster even though they know that they have to get outside of their comfort zone and go through things they may not enjoy, but the thrill of completing the journey sounds exciting? The same goes for finding your dream job. It can be nothing else but the enjoyable roller-coaster ride. The better you prepare fo yourself for this experience, the more enjoyable the outcome can be. And this means thinking about the times when you feel scared, low or down and putting the support structure in place to bring yourself back up.


Step #8 coffee break exercise:

  • Zero to dream jobThink about your dream job. What can make you feel upset? What do you think can discourage you from finding it? What do you think could make you quit? What are the situations that make it difficult for you to stay committed to finding it?
  • For each of these situations think of possible ways how to get through them. Would you need to talk to someone when you feel down? Would you need to take a break or perhaps do something that makes you relax? Would you need to hire a professional career coach? There are many ways that will help you get through these challenging situations. List a possible solution for every single situation that find challenging. Keep this list in your diary or somewhere where you find it easily.
  • Share about your discoveries with your buddy. Ask for their support and perhaps additional ideas how you could support yourself. What worked for them when they were looking for their dream job? Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together.

# 8 – Be prepared for a roller coaster ride

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