What makes a difference is not your confidence but your unstoppable desire to take another action.

Welcome back at our Zero to dream job series. So how did you get on with your step 8? Did you get clear on what makes you feel down and put in place the supportive steps you can take to get through the challenging times? Yes? Excellent! Let’s stay focused on one important step that is going to make a big difference to you. When it comes to finding the dream job, you may experience fear of failure impacting your confidence. I won’t be looking at why this happens, but rather share with you what you can do to overcome this barrier.

“Confidence grows with every result that takes you closer to achieving your goal. The question is: “How big is your desire to take another action?“

Don’t let your fear of failure impact your results. Shift your focus to exploring how to become unstoppable in taking another action which will give your more freedom to be playful, curious and creative. You already have a set of great skills, qualities and abilities. So why wasting your time on assessing your self-esteem when you can invest it into creating a plan of actions that you want to take to find your dream job? So let’s get going. It’s fun.

Step #9 coffee break exercise:

  • Step 3 Dare to discover who you areThink about your dream job. On a scale 1 to 10 rate your desire to find this dream job. With 1 being the lowest score, 10 being the highest score.
  • Look at your score. Is it more than 7? Great! The higher the score, the better chances for your success. If your score is less than 7, please review why having your dream job is important to you. Can you see a new reason for finding your dream job? Is there a direct impact on increasing your desire to take actions to make it happen?
  • Share about your discoveries with your buddy. Ask them to check on your progress and for the support in taking regular actions. Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together.

# 9 – Overcome your fear and grow unstoppable desire to take another action

PS: Focusing on creating unstoppable desire to find my first accounting job here in England has made a huge difference to me. I remember when I started back in 2006. I felt like I had a zero chance to succeed! No accounting skills here in the UK, my language skills were OK-ish but still in my mind not at the level required for office work. But then I found a strong desire to succeed because I realised that if I find my dream job, I will open a new door to my career not only here in the UK but also in my home country if I ever decided to go back. So I started looking at how to tailor my CV to land my dream job and become unstoppable in my job search. Result? I was hired within next 3 months 🙂


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