30 steps to finding your dream job in less than 6 months

# 11 – Build on your strength-based skills

“Not all of your skills boost your strengths. Focusing on your strength-based skills enhances your value and fulfilment.“

So how did it go with your exercise about making a difference in your dream job? I hope it helped you realise the value you can provide to others. And if for some reason, you are still not clear on the difference you make or can make, do not worry and stay focused on taking another step. We will be looking at the strengths, skills and what creates your foundation for finding your dream job.  Why is this so important?

“Every person can be successful, wealthy and happy. Successful people focus on building strength-based skills that can generate them higher income. Which of your strenght-based skills can you use in your dream job?”

When you are looking for your dream job, one thing is a must. You need to be absolutely clear on your strengths and skills that enhance them. I mean would you want to spend months and years learning how to transform your weaknesses and do something that you hate or bores you? You have a choice. Would you rather not do something that enhances your strengths,  inspires you to move forward and be successful building on who you really are?

Step #11 coffee break exercise:

  • Think about your strengths. List 5 personaStep 3 Dare to discover who you arel and 5 professional strengths. Now look at your skills (if you need to look at your CV and review all the skills that you acquired). Which skills enhanced your strengths?
  • Think about your dream job. Which of your strength-based skills can you apply in this job?
  • Share about your strength-based skills with your buddy. Do you know what their strengths are? Find out and continue to support each other in finding your dream job.

*If you haven’t got someone to share with, feel free to join our FB group and share with us.

#11 – Build on your strenght-based skills.

What is your experience? Always happy to read about your discoveries. Feel free to leave a comment below…