“Your journey to success continues with swapping blame for self-acknowledgment.”

Feeling angry or disappointed with your lack of success? When your search for a dream job is not going the right way, it is easy to shift to blaming. It is very easy to start looking for all the reasons and evidence why something is not working, why you did not get the job in the last interview, why are you not good enough, why things are possibly not happening. Blaming is one of the most disempowering behaviours that stops you from receiving the results you want. It serves no-one and in the first place, it does not serve you. Althought blaming may come naturally to you, you can minimise it through practising self-acknowledgment.

Every person can be successful, wealthy and happy. Practising self-acknowledgement helps you tap into your great potential.”

I know it is easy to say “let’s stop blaming”, so the question is how can you go on about it? It’s simple. Start collecting evidence of your accomplishments through self-acknowledgment. As soon as you stop catching yourself blaming either yourself, others or circumstances think about acknowledging yourself for what you did well.   The self-acknowledgment can be something very simple from acknowledging yourself for contacting your recruiter, for sending job applications, for reviewing your career direction, for listing your achievements on your CV … simply every action you took or result that you produced.

Step #16 coffee break exercise:

  • Blog pictureThink about your dream job.
  • Write a list of your 3 accomplishments – actions that you took or results that you produced – that helped you get closer to finding your dream job. Be compassionate with yourself. Practise self-acknowledgment every time that you feel down and catch yourself blaming.
  • Share about your discoveries with your buddy.  Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together.

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# 17 – Avoid blaming, practise self-acknowledgment

How was this exercise for you? What did you discover? Would love to read your discoveries and comments.