It got to a point where the rest of my working life suddenly seemed finite. There was no alternative but to search for something else…even if I failed, I could say I tried!”

shares Nina Jervis, the writer, for Zero to Dream job readers.

I approached Nina a few months ago to help me re-write my profile for LinkedIn. I just wasn’t sure how to combine the two careers I am very passionate about – Finance and Career coaching. Nina got me straight away! Soon I learnt she was able to understand what I was looking for just because she made a bold career move herself. Now she earns living from doing what she loves and she not only helps the candidates to perfect their CV, she also helps singles to write personalised dating profiles. How cool is that?! Nina dared to open up and shared about the uncomfortable moments and overcoming her limiting beliefs that inspired her to change.

Nina, where do you come from and where are you based right now?

I’m from Southend-on-Sea (have never lived anywhere else, in fact!) and am still based there.  I don’t think I could live anywhere that isn’t by the sea!

Do you still remember what your ideal job was at the beginning of your career?

I always wanted to write, but it always seemed like something that would be impossible to make money from!  My Dad in particular steered me towards something with more stability, which began with a career in customer services before moving to HR.

What is your ideal job now?

I’m doing it!  In a really ideal world I would also be a successful novelist….but I’m working on that.

Right now, I’m a freelance writer, which I’ve been since June last year.  Previous to this I was an HR Manager for over 15 years – however I didn’t really feel that that role was really ‘me’ and I cringed inside whenever I had to talk about it.  Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and as the years have passed my confidence grew in order to allow me to just go for it!

What helped you to make the decision to change and follow your career dream?

It was a gradual realisation that I could no longer continue doing a job I didn’t care about.  I had tried to look for other ways to stay in HR – other roles in different companies – just to see if I could be happy in that career, but when I realised I couldn’t I decided to revisit something I had always loved, which is writing.

What has changed?

Mostly, my perspective on how to make money!  I’ve learned over the years that if you work, try hard enough and be prepared to embrace a little uncertainty, you can be successful by doing something you love.   In my case, it took being bold and approaching people for help, to see that an audience for my writing was out there.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced and had to overcome in your job? How did you overcome it?

Complacency.  I had an HR Manager’s job that paid me well, and for years I stayed stuck there because it was relatively stable; I knew how much money would be coming in each month.

Eventually, it got to a point where the rest of my working life suddenly seemed finite, and when I looked into the future I realised that I didn’t want to look back on an uninspiring career with so many wasted hours of time.  There was no alternative but to search for something else…even if I failed, I could say I tried!

Congratulations on making a bold and inspiring move, Nina!

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