I finished my last blog with a promise that I will tell you how my story unfolded after I resigned from the factory. So here it is and today I am including 3 powerful lessons I learnt while making this career move.

So here are my 3 lessons:

1. Have a plan-goal-intention but explore new-unexpected avenues

Before handing in my resignation, I found an accounting course and then resigned from factory without having any other job (foolish you may think, I know – my mum told me so!). The course was meant to be full-time and so I thought, I will find a part time job fitting around my studies once the school starts. It turns out the college didn’t have enough students interested in this course and so it wasn’t opening (surprise, surprise). My plan failed totally! Ouch, I was left with no course, no job and no bright future to look forward to.

But life had lined up a different avenue for me. Soon after I got a phone call from the college. I was lucky to meet a teacher who was interested in my ambitions. We ended up talking about some accounting examples. All of a sudden, I am finding myself sitting in a class room in front of a big screen taking an online accounting test. I remembered some of these accounting questions from my college in Slovakia and thanks to that I passed this test.

Little did I know that this was my entry to part time evening classes … I didn’t have to start from the beginning as I expected. I went straight to year two, saved one year school fees and one year studying … Result! This was only possible because I stayed curious and open to explore new options although my master plan didn’t work out in the first place.

If you are attached to a certain plan/outcome, chances are things will not go as you planned. My amazing plan to resign and start a full time accounting course didn’t work out but I didn’t let that stop me. The thing is if I didn’t have any plan or intention, I’d find it hard to move forward …


2. Say goodbye to giving up

The moment I was enrolled in my evening class felt like I had climbed Kilimanjaro, at least in my mind I compare it to that because if I manage to climb Kilimanjaro in this life – I know I overcame my laziness and lack of discipline in sports. It’s surprising how much discipline and determination I can have when it comes to pursuing my studies and career dreams. It’s a totally different story when it comes to doing sports, maybe one day I blog about that too.

But back to my career journey. My next step was to get into accounting but how (?) when I didn’t know anyone working in finance… I had no point of contact in recruitment agencies. It would have been easy to focus on what I didn’t have. Instead I focused on what I did have and what I could do.

What I had was free Internet at the college before my accounting class. Twice a week every week before my AAT class I spent at least an hour browsing the recruitment portals and targeted entry jobs in finance – purchase ledger and sales ledger – processing invoices etc.

I sent first applications, September passed and nothing. I sent further applications, October passed and still nothing. I continued to send more applications. December passed and still nothing. It wasn’t fun but I refused to give up. I enjoyed my accounting class, passed my first accounting exams. I knew that if I could do this, I can also get my first accounting job.

Giving up was not an option. And it paid off. I got my first two interviews in January and one of them helped me to land my first accounting job – I started to work for one of the top UK entrepreneurs/businesses in portable accommodation. Mission accomplished.

If you are facing a similar challenge right now and feel like giving up, don’t give up. I know it may feel really challenging if you’re continually taking action, sending applications and still you hear nothing. Don’t give up and stay proactive.


3. Be prepared to face concerns of your friends and family

It’s not uncommon that when you decide to change your career, quit your job or pursue a new opportunity you’ll face disapproval or discouragement from your loved ones, family and friends. They may have great intentions as well as great concerns for your happiness and security but at the same time they may not be doing you any favour by projecting their worries, fears and limiting beliefs on you.

When I quit the factory, my mum never openly said that I should have waited until I find a new job but from our conversations I could feel that she was concerned and worried about me. I could have been angry at her because our opinions were different. At that point I had a choice – be protective of my decisions or I could listen to what she had to say.

Instead of avoiding talking about work or going into arguments about “what I should do” we ended up talking one day. She felt how difficult it is for me and at the same time gave me encouragement that she’s confident that I can make it happen, because after all I am her daughter and she knew that I don’t give up easily. I think this is where my passion for coaching and overcoming obstacles was rootedthrough my mum’s encouragements. The amazing thing is that I only found out because I was brave enough to open this topic with her.

If you are right now facing disapproval from your loved ones or feel that you may be projecting their concerns onto your decision, consider that your career change doesn’t have to stay a big elephant in the room. Instead you could have an open conversation to build more clarity, confidence and trust.


There is hidden magic in changing jobs. As you move forward, each stage of your career – each job helps you discover something new – something amazing about you, about others and the hidden potential that is yet to be discovered … if you want to see it it, if you are curious to see it … So I am curious what are the lessons that you learnt from your very first jobs you had? What was your experience like when you decided to follow your career dreams? Feel free to share in the comments.

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