Joy – Recipes for Abundance, by Sabine Matharu, co-author Adriana Kosovska

Last year a post popped up on my FB screen “Want to join my next book project?” Today I am excited to share that we launched a collection of inspiring stories that I co-authored with another 24 amazing women. Book Joy – Recipes for Abundance already reached the status of best-selling book on Amazon.


What is this book about?

Joy – Recipes for Abundance offers inspiring, lived ideas for all women to awaken to joy.

In this  fruitful collection of stories, 25 inspiring, entrepreneurial women share their recipes for joy and abundance through tales of overcoming, determination and gratitude. From nutrition, travel and community to spiritual practise, compassion and self-realisation, they each reveal their unique recipes towards creating a joyful and abundant life, available to each of us.

Through these joyful narratives, you will discover how to:

  • Nourish joy through the grips of adversity
  • Stir up opportunities for joy in the small, ‘everydayness’ of life
  • Create a strong and lasting foundation to keep bringing more of it into your life
  • Share the sweet taste of joy with the world and those around you
  • Become inspired to create your own recipes for joyful abundance.

Joy – Recipes for Abundance, published by Reach for Greatness Ltd. The heart of this beautiful project, Sabine Matharu woke up one day with the idea to write a book with another 100 women without knowing how to go on about it.  Following the first successful book launch of RISE, she followed up on her dream and attracted her co-authors.

Book Joy – Recipes for Abundance is co-authored by:

Adriana Kosovska
Aishleen Cunningham
Anastacia Keogh
Angela Mercer
Asya Barskaya-Lebed
Aurelie Lemiere
Caroline Emile
Cathy McKinnon
Debora Luzi
Emma Gosling
Erica Gibbon
Hicunni Chandler
Jeanne Anette Heinzer-Hiemer
Jelena Radonjic
Jo Haley
Jodie & Paris Welton
Julie Sylvia Kalungi
Laura Butler
Lisa Houston
Marisabelle Bonnici
Martine Werkhoven
Melissa Desveaux
Runa Begum
Susan Campbell-Fournel


Joy – collection of inspiring stories quickly reached top selling scores in various categories on Amazon and within one week from the release became one of the bestsellers.

Joy – Recipes for Abundance, by Sabine Matharu, co-author Adriana Kosovska

My story – synopsis

Sometimes things aren’t quite as they seem. After her mother took her by surprise with a seemingly simple question, Adriana Kosovska began to reassess the amount of joy she was letting into her life. With the realisation that she was letting life slip by without following her dreams, she employed courage and determination to begin opening her eyes to new joyful possibilities.”



I decided to participate in this book because it truly resonated and it was aligned with my vision to support employees to go from stressed, unhappy or bored in their careers to feeling joyful and happy.

Having seen too much frustration, disengagement and stress within the workplace, I made it my mission to help employees realize that they can build their dream careers instead of feeling like a number on a payslip. I do this through Zero to Dream Job platform as well as through bringing my human-oriented approach into global corporations.

It’s a perfect gift

This book is a beautiful gift not only for Valentine’s Day or birthday. It makes a perfect gift for you or your friend who is going through challenging times in life. These stories of encouragement, honesty and realisations about Joy will touch single women, women struggling in their careers as well as mums taking care of their families. 

–  How to order?

You can purchase a beautiful paperback copy or Kindle version of “Joy – Recipes for Abundance” on Amazon.

But this not your usual book from Amazon. Sabine and co-authors prepared an amazing selection of bonuses valued at over £1000

– Audio version
– 5 shifts to create a 6 figure business
– Joy poem
– Meditations
– Career and Leadership workbooks
– Nutrition advice
– Regular updates and tips
…and much much more!

You can grab your book copy and sign up for bonuses on this link

Proceeds from the sale of the book are going to Connected Sisters Charity.


Article Author: AdriAna Kosovska

Professional and certified coach & founder of ZERO TO DREAM JOB ACADEMY


I work with employees, couples and organisations that care about

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