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Did you set your career goals but now feel scared, doubtful or resentful to take action? The good news is this is fairly normal. If you are wondering how can you turn your worries into success read on.

There could be a perfectly valid reason why you feel paralysed or scared right now. Yet there is no point in wasting more time by being stuck, scared or doubtful. Finding your dream job and changing careers isn’t a rocket science. Good preparation is what makes the difference right from the beginning.  

In today’s article, I am listing the common worries my clients faced while working towards achieving their career goals. If these areas resonate with you, I invite you to either join my FB group ZERO TO DREAM JOB CLUB or subscribe for the newsletter so you won’t miss the follow up tips how to address these concerns. 

What I discovered in the process of holistic career coaching was that addressing these concerns early on helped my clients gain better focus, confidence and more ease while taking action.

So here is the list of common concerns that may keep you stuck: 


Doubts – Am I doing the right thing?  

Starting from scratch or progressing your career further can feel petrifying, especially if you’re giving up a stable job or established career you feel proud of. Your need to justify that you made the right decision is a fairly normal part of starting something new.

From my experience of working with employees who successfully changed jobs, I observed this concern appears rather strong at the beginning before you start seeing the first concrete and fulfilling results of your actions.

It’s possible that you will make mistakes on your dream job journey. But does it mean that you made a wrong decision? It’s up to you how you turn these mistakes into your learning opportunities and future progress. There is no point to beat yourself up for making mistakes or doubting yourself. Changing perception from doing the right thing into learning from your experiences can help you ease off the pressure and build confidence.

What could you achieve if you simply accepted that every single step you take (including your mistakes) is right  bringing you closer to where you want to be? 


Questions – How am I going to make it happen? 

Please expect that you will not have your HOW TO answers all the time. Sometimes you may be asking yourself How the hell am I going to make this happen? Why are things not working out the way I want? This is again a normal part of the process.


You may not always find the answers or solutions. Apart from How you’ll be discovering What and Why as a part of your dream job journey. Sometimes your answers to question How will come from you, another time from other people and external environment.

If you want to prepare for a successful career shift, consider putting in place a support structure for yourself right from the beginning. By support structure I mean to build a circle of people who are going to support you while achieving your career aspiration (to help you manage your expectations, mood, energy and the conversations you have). When it comes to building this support group consider if people are aligned with your aspirations, values and direction.

What could you achieve if you build your support circle where you feel supported and encouraged to achieve your career aspirations? 


Worries – How do I make it work financially? 

Financial worries come among the top reasons my clients face when considering a career change. Will this work financially? Will I be able to maintain my current living standard? Will I be able to support myself and my family? Can I earn more? Are the common questions arising when questioning your next career move.

While money fears vary from one person to another, I observed that the money worries are the biggest monster for my clients who consider a total career change or starting a freelance business. 

It may feel like the most terrifying thing for you right now, but let me say if you’re changing your career direction or starting a freelance business, this is one of the most normal thing that can occupy your mind. The helpful step forward is to learn how to address and work with these concerns. 

What could you start doing if you accepted that  you can make your career change work financially? 


When it comes to achieving your holistic career goals, remember that there is no such a thing like Copy & Paste solutions or quick fixes. If these three topics resonated with you, I will dive deeper into these topics in my next articles. 

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