Adriana Kosovska (right), Career Coach and founder Zero to Dream Job, photo credit: Eva May Style & Miroslav Zatko

You got your degree, your job. You learnt how to be better in your field but you haven’t learnt how to recognise your ideal job, dare I say your dream job? Let me help you with that. Discover what I as a Career Coach do.

I ground my services in using a combination of common sense, coaching qualifications, management experience, intuition and creativity.  But there is a lot more to my work that you can experience while working with me. 

I don’t see you like a number on payslip.  

Working as a Holistic Career Coach, gives me a unique opportunity to look at you as a capable, multitalented professional who is yet to discover their next fulfilling career steps.  

And I am very curious what that would look like for you: 

As a Career Coach, I guide you to embrace each stage of your dream job journey (ups and downs) 

 I am a facilitator of your change and that process is like a rollercoaster ride.

Some days you will feel like the winner hitting your goals and experiencing miracles. You won’t stop smiling and will keep telling everyone how amazing life is.

Other days you may feel like a failure. You will be working on overcoming your difficulties but nothing makes sense and nothing will be working out. That can be difficult because here you are showing up on our coaching calls vulnerable in a state of despair, frustration or disappointment that you want to hide.

I won’t judge you. Instead I will support you to work through this phase. This is where I step in to show you how powerful and inspiring you can become even when you feel down. 


I help you to look beyond the formal education 

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci spent his childhood learning in and from the nature? As a child born out of wedlock, he was not allowed to school.

His development applies principles like curiosity, interest to learnt from mistakes, engaging your senses, balance between science-art-logic-imagination to mention a few.  This approach inspires me very much.

Please do not expect receiving any certificates of completion or advise what to study next from me. 

Because the key part in your success are skills and qualities gained outside of the formal education – your curiosity, your personal development and abilities to engage your senses. 


I see the 21st century Leonardo Da Vinci in you 

You may feel like you have no special talent, skills or expertise when you come to work with me. I support you to explore your multiple talents, passions, purpose and how you want to express them in this world.  

I help you to connect with yourself, with your desires, challenges as well as fears, barriers and limitations. I help you connect with your curiosity.

I support you to explore your way of thinking and mindset. I challenge you when I see that your beliefs are turning into your barriers for success. 

I can help you connect the dots between your desires and reality. During this process you will discover how to turn them into a job that fills aligned with you – your dream job. 

 I support you to tune into your rhythm and transformation 

I don’t believe in fast accelerations or quick fixes because I go “deep” to the root cause of your challenges. 

I focus on long term results that are aligned with you and often use nature as an example for your transformation.  

If you want to achieve long lasting and fulfilling results, you shouldn’t rush. When you look at the nature, you’ll see that it transforms in cycles – it goes through four seasons – from hibernation, through bloom to harvest. That process can be simply applied in your career transformation.

You can achieve your aspirations without feeling too much pressure and overwhelm. There is time and place for everything. 

You’ll find your pace for transformation that feels right to you. 


You will find empathy, understanding and compassion when working with me 

While keeping my professional approach I bring empathy, compassion and trust to collaboration with my clients.

I remember a client turning up for our coaching session. I had our plan of the session well prepared but she was devasted and felt poorly.  

I decided to let go of that plan and asked what she needed most from our coaching session. She wanted to talk – to feel listened to, to clear her mind and to express how she felt. And that’s what we did. Has it deprived her from her results? No, it helped her learn how to deal with this uncomfortable situation better. 

I went through the journey of exploring my career potential.  

As a Career Coach and as an employee who went from having nothing but 200 pounds to my name,  I understand how confusing, frustrating, challenging and difficult it can feel to develop your career.

I understand you when you want to feel heard, appreciated and recognised for being YOU – the next multitalented employee with a purposeful career, my Leonardo, my dream job creator. 

Don’t wait to create your fulfilling career.

Don’t wait for your dream job.

Because … waiting is what keeps people stuck, bored and unhappy in their jobs.

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Author: AdriAna Kosovska

Professional and certified coach & founder of ZERO TO DREAM JOB ACADEMY


I work with employees, couples and organisations that care about

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