Whether you’re an employee, manager or freelancer you can highly benefit from discovering and learning about your talents.

My six lessons will teach you in a simple format all you need to know about your talents, and how you can benefit from them.

If you missed my previous article I recommend you to start from the beginning – part 1 where I covered first 3 lessons:

  • Lesson 1 – What is Talent?
  • Lesson 2 – Why should I try to discover my talents?
  • Lesson 3 – How do I discover my talents?

… and then continue with today’s blog post. It’s an easy and simple article which won’t take you more than 5 mins.

In today’s part we will cover Weaknesses, Talents and their relation to you career ambitions.

Let’s get started:

Lesson 4 – What about your weaknesses?

Would you ever see a fish climbing a tree?

Do you ever wonder why a fish can’t climb a tree? Most likely not.

So, why would you feel bad about, or want to develop, something you are not naturally “equipped” to do?

It may feel good and sexy to think that you could become anything in the world, and that you could turn your weaknesses into strengths, but let’s be honest.

If you lack the natural capacity, are you able to do it?

I believe it is beneficial to learn how to manage your weaknesses. Yet this subject is not so black and white.

I would say it really depends on what you view as important area for your development.

To achieve your career ambitions, to improve your performance, and raise your engagement, I would not recommend focusing on your weaknesses.

Instead, focus on what you do well – your talents and using your talents to compensate for your weaknesses.


Lesson 5 – Is discovering my talents enough to achieve my career ambitions?

My answer to this is a straightforward no!

It’s great to know what your talents are, but be aware that this is just a starting point.

Exercise is a good example.

You know that movement is healthy and good for you, but you don’t achieve great results just from knowing that information. Results come from application: actually moving!

When you set higher and more challenging career ambitions, you could find they aren’t so easy to achieve. Stay strong, however, because this is where the magic can happen!

This is where you’re going to start stretching yourself and unlocking your potential, by discovering how your talents can help you achieve your ambitions.

This is your golden opportunity to continue applying your talents, exploring your behaviours, and your way of thinking.

Turning your talent into strength will require your investment – time spent practising, developing your skills, and building your knowledge in the area of your expertise or passion.


Lesson 6 – Can discovering my talents help me choose the right career?

This is another tricky question!

I know from working with my clients that discovering talent is a great starting point.Yet I don’t believe that talents alone will give you a definite answer to the question of which career is right for you.

Recognising which job or career are rightfor you takes time and some refining.

What I see happening with my clients, is that their talents help them understand who they are, what makes them successful, and what they find most fulfilling and engaging – so they can make better career choices.

I genuinely believe that there is more than one “dream” job or career for everyone.

In other words, the process of discovering your dream job and choosing the right career path is like alchemy.

You need to combine several ingredients that blend well together: talents, skills, passion, contribution, purpose, and commitment.

I can share my story briefly to help you understand.

I left my first managing position because I felt a calling to pursue something else. What I was scared to share with others was that I also felt that I wasn’t good enough as a manager. It was my dream but once I got there I started to feel drained, tired, disengaged and sometimes confused in my job.

I took a career break and then looked for a less challenging job. At this point I met a Performance Coach who helped me understand what my talents are. I realised that I have talents that are suited for working with groups of people but I also realised that finance career was not my only dream career.

This is when I started to stretch myself and set higher ambitions – explore my leadership potential within my employment and start a freelancing career to integrate all my other abilities and creative spirit.

It was a couple of years filled with discovering what I would love to do as my second career – I was supporting others with finance, I tried arts and was painting with oils, I volunteered in community projects, I built simple websites, I run a few art workshops for children, I organised conferences and self-help workshops for women. I studied CBT stress management and performance coaching.

And out of that my second career  found me – career coaching.

What I can confidently claim made a difference to me was knowing that in each of these fields I was able to engage and develop my talents. Today I highly benefit from all of them.

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