If your profile starts with “I am a hard-working, responsible professional with XY years of experience in ……… (add your field), Team player, able to work independently and capable to work in fast paced environment.” you really may need to read this. 

LinkedIn is your platform right now if you are looking at what’s next in your career. An attractive LinkedIn profile is your key to unlock your dream job opportunities. Many companies are using LinkedIn to source potential candidates so if your profile isn’t standing out and up-to-date, it may be wise to spend an evening to update it.

Think of your LinkedIn Profile as a bridge between You and Your Ideal Employer

When recruiters, employers and clients are looking at your profile, they want to see, feel and experience that you’re worth investing their time, energy and resources in YOU! 

That decision takes a few minutes (and for some people a few seconds), so putting an effort into listing more than your job title and employement period may pay off.

So the question is what should you include to stand out?

Start with re-designing your LinkedIn profile.

This doesn’t mean that you will just update your skills and achievements.  

This is what you may be tempted to do at first, however let me show you a different way. 

Unless you bring into your LinkedIn profile the REAL FLAVOUR of:

  • Who you are,
  • What you stand for,
  • How you support your employer and clients,

your profile will be just like hundreds of other profiles that people browse through and move on from.

If your profile doesn’t represent you authentically, you may also end up attracting a wrong job (again).

I supported my clients to build LinkedIn profile that is a real reflection of their career potential. It helped them to boost their visibility organically.  

What’s the secret?  

Well, there is no secret.  

These are simple steps you can take to update your Linked to sound like you and to attract your ideal employer.

Simple steps you can take to improve your LinkedIn profile and attract better opportunities.

Here we go:

💎 AVOID using OVERLY USED COMMON words like hard-working, motivated, team-player … they don’t make you stand out.
💎 Bring more PERSONAL FLAVOUR into your online presence – tell people what you LOVE doing  at work and why.
💎 Give an AUTHENTIC image of what you achieve – share your results but don’t pretend or claim results that aren’t
💎 Celebrate your past working history and achievements – OWN your SUCCESS. I’ve seen that women diminish their talents, skills and abilities, as well as struggle with acknowledging their key achievements, when presenting themselves in their CV and LinkedIn profile.
💎 Be clear how you ADD VALUE to your employer and clients. Tell them what you help them gain, achieve,  make and save. 
💎 Give COMMITTMENT that you DO YOUR BEST o deliver your service (yes, being employed means you deliver service) through sharing testimonials or showcasing your work. 
💎  Apart from skills, experience and education include VALUES important for your professional growth – your  your motivations, your passions, your contribution and purpose.  
💎 Build trust by SHOWING UP CONSISTENTLY.  Use your profile to share your expertise and engage with people and build professional relationships. Acknowledge their work, opinions and services by commenting.

Adriana, that sounds obvious so what’s the real challenge here? 

Well, let me share 3 biggest problems my clients faced in this process

  • Their fear of visibility and judgment was keeping them stuck and playing small.
  • They read through so many articles and tips on LinkedIn profiles that they ended up confused what and where they should include.
  • They didn’t know how to make their profile stand out and instead re-created a profile that was still just like hundreds of others using the common words “I’m a hard-working, reliable professional, great team player, … “ 

If this is also what you’re struggling with right now, I invite you to join my private FB group and learn simple tips and tricks how to stand out in your LinkedIn profile and CV.  

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Author: AdriAna Kosovska

Professional and certified coach & founder of ZERO TO DREAM JOB


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