Struggling to fall asleep because of your work? Are feeling stuck, demotivated or simply fed up in your job right now? Curious if finding your dream job could be possible? Wondering how other people overcame their career challenges successfully?

Welcome, you’re in the right place.

This is exactly the reason why I am launching new video series Dream Job Interviews – Good Night stories to support you on your journey, to inspire you to look for your dream job.

Fall asleep inspired to turn your dream into a real job

Listen to these empowering real-life stories about dream job journey my guests experienced and fall asleep with inspiration to turn your dream into a real job.

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My second guest is – Kristina Kolarik – mum of 3 children, wife and successful Nurse Manager and Wellbeing Consultant.

In today’s episode of “Dream Job Interviews”, I had an undeniable pleasure talking to Kristina Kolarik, mum of 3 children, wife and successful Nurse Manager and Wellbeing Consultant. Kristina successfully transformed her working life.

She realised that feeling stuck, frustrated and negative wasn’t normal for her. She started to question what was happening with her.  In our interview Kristina shares her journey how she continued to grow her career when moving countries, how she went from becoming a nurse taking care of patients to working as Nurse Manager and Wellbeing consultant increasing her income by doing what she loves! All of that while she was taking care of her 3 children and husband.  
Get inspired by Kristina’s story and discover how she turned her passion, talents and purpose into a powerful catalyst for positive change in her personal and working life. 
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