Have you had enough of your 9-5 job? Do you desire to start working freelance but your fears keep you stuck?

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There are plenty of tips on the Internet covering how to start working freelance but there is a lot more you can learn from someone who successfully started their freelance career.

  • How does it really feel to start working for yourself?
  • What kind of challenges could you face?
  • What do you need to be prepared for?

Next episode of Dream Job Interviews is about how to start freelancing, writing and more.

My next guest is – Nina Jervis (Nina The Writer)Freelance copywriter, blogger and author.

Nina had a HR Manager’s job that paid well, and for years she stayed stuck there because it was relatively stable; simply because she knew how much money would be coming in each month. 

She got to a point when looking into her future scared her!

She realised that she didn’t want to look back on an uninspiring career with so many wasted hours of time.  She realised there was no alternative but to search for something else…even she failed, she could say “I tried!” 

The biggest obstacle she faced was to overcome complacency and change perspective on how she could make money. But that’s Nina’s past.  

Nina successfully transitioned from working as a HR manager and launched her writing career. She started off with distributing hundreds of leaflets in her neighbourhood. 

Today she an author, earning money from doing what she loves. She successfully published two books: 

  • Procrastinations – A uniquely wry perspective on life, work, divorce and bookmarks
  • I’d Rather Get a Cat and Save the Planet – Conversations with Child-free Women

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