3 Keys to Discover Your Dream Job

You realised that your current job isn’t what you need and desire, so you’ve started your dream job search. Somehow it got to the point when you feel stuck, sceptical, perhaps even exhausted and questioning: 

  • Is it possible to I find a job I’d truly love? 
  • Why does career change seem so difficult?  
  • What am I doing wrong?  
  • Where should I start and what should I do next? 

Being stuck where you are and searching for your dream job aimlessly sucks!  

It doesn’t have to stay like this forever. Good news is you’re not alone. I work with people who are in their 30s and 40s and who are going through the same phase as you. I support these people in my free online community – FB group Zero to Dream Job Club – which brings together employees, managers and aspiring freelancers. 

Recently I posted in this group mini-tutorials sharing 3 simple keys to help you attract a job that you’d love. It’s a simple yet effective strategy how to achieve your career ambitions with more ease. 

If you are also:

  • looking for your dream job,
  • aiming higher in your career working towards promotion,
  • thinking of changing your job or career direction,

You may also benefit from discovering this simple strategy. Today you’re reading about the 1st key.

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1. Key – Identify your SMART job 

 ⁉️  Working harder or working more (longer hours) isn’t going to guarantee you your progress or achieving your career ambitions.  I’ve seen my clients highly focused to reach their goals by pushing harder and working more but struggling to achieve the results despite trying everything they thought was possible.  

No need to mention this often led them to feel disappointed, hopeless and even questioning if their ambitions aren’t just unattainable dreams.

So what can be done here? 

I call this key to attracting your DREAM job – SMART job – because it’s simply all about being SMART, approaching your goals in a SMART way (instead of working hard or working long hours).  

Don’t get me wrong, I value committment and hard work, but what I am saying here is if this stops working for you, it’s time to change something. We all have only 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. I am sure you don’t want to spend most of your day just working.

Imagine what else in your life could you enjoy if you spend less time working on achieving your career ambitions?

Reaching the next level in your career or starting out in a new direction, requires doing things differently to what you’ve been used to.  

Below I am including a few questions you can start exploring now:

  • Do you regularly challenge your performance?  
  • Do you evaluate where and how you add value with ease and flow? 
  • In which areas do you achieve great results easily? 
  • Do you challenge your working habits?  
  • Do you discover how working less can lead you to be more productive? 
  • Do you explore your career potential? How can you enhance your performance based on your talents and by developing Strengths-Based Skills? 

Dream Job – Success story

One of my former clients reached out to me when she felt stuck. She was very committed in her nursing job and dedicated over a decade working in this field. She felt it was time to grow professionally. She desired to take on more responsibilities as a manager but despite her efforts she wasn’t getting there.

Every time she presented her ideas to her manager, she felt she was immediately criticized, judged. She couldn’t understand why her manager doesn’t recognise her effort and instead dismissed her ides as not being good enough. This has left her feel demotivated to work towards her ambition as she felt like hitting a brick wall all the time. 

You may initially think it’s the managers fault. Instead of focusing on her manager, we looked together at her talents and how she can continue to grow her confidence. Together we explored areas where she achieves great results easily in her field and how different stakeholders benefit from presenting them. Within less than 6 months she attracted a new managing job aligned with her talents without having to work smarter or longer hours to prove her worth. 

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 Author: AdriAna Kosovska

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