If you’re hiding because of your fear of public speaking (and fear of being visible online), ask yourself “How does it impact my career or business growth?”

Whether you like it or not, Corona has greatly changed the way how we communicate at work and in business. Public speaking in online setting has become a part of our working life for many professionals.

We are talking online to our colleagues, boss, stakeholders and clients, it is becoming our new normal.

Online meetings, virtual interviews, online negotiations, online workshops and summits … virtual catch up coffee … you name it! All great opportunities to grow your career and business.

Naturally presenting yourself in front of others online brings challenges:

⁉️  You have an idea how to improve something at work, but you’re not speaking up in online meetings

⁉️  You’d like to ask a question in front of your colleagues and managers, but you’re worried others will think of you badly

⁉️  You’d like to make yourself more visible in your field sharing your expertise with stakeholders and managers, but somehow you’re still holding back thinking “This is just too uncomfortable for me!”

⁉️  You’re looking for work but you’re dreading the thought of presenting yourself in online interviews

⁉️  You’re looking to attract more clients and finally connect with your followers through videos or doing Facebook/LinkedIn live but then you talk yourself out of it thinking “I look and sound awful on camera!”

⁉️  You’d like to take your business further and organise virtual workshops, talks or summit but naturally you’re scared to be visible because you never hosted one online before

We are here to help!

Let me invite you to listen to the next Dream Job Interview Episode and discover the Power of Public Speaking and more importantly how to Overcome your fear of speaking!


This episode is about career change, public speaking with confidence and online visiblity.

Fall asleep inspired to turn your dream into a real job

⁉️ Listen to this empowering real-life story about dream job journey my guest experienced and fall asleep with inspiration to turn your dream into a real job.

Public Speaking trainer and facilitator, teacher, a mum and active woman – Helene Musso – is my next guest to support you on your journey.

Helene enjoyed teaching but she was often crippled with speaking in front of others, especially her peers and large groups of adults. She appeared confident to others but was crying out with fear inside and was looking for a way to solve that anxiety.

This was then.

Today, with after over 20 years in the educational world as a teacher, trainer and facilitator, Helene set up Public Speaking from the Heart. She helps individuals and businesses to overcome their fears of speaking, especially in public and to make the most amazing presentations with confidence and assurance.

Helene is passionate about inspiring others to fulfil their potential and to be fully confident, whether at work for promotion or in your everyday life. She uses her skills acquired as a drama teacher and also as a NLP confidence coach to develop your confidence. She believes that everyone has the right, the duty and the responsibility to express themselves.

In our interview Helene will share with you:

✓ Her story how she made a successful shift from working as a teacher to a public speaking trainer

✓ Her tips on how to make a successful career change

✓ Her tricks on how to build your confidence when presenting yourself online

Tune in on Tuesday 29th Sept evening 5.30 pm UK time LIVE on Facebook page Zero to Dream Job

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Author: AdriAna Kosovska

Professional and certified coach & founder of ZERO TO DREAM JOB ACADEMY


I work with employees, couples and organisations that care about

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