How would it feel if your job change was easier?

What if I told you that you can secure your Dream Job with an imperfect CV, without frustration and without having full confidence in yourself?

If you are following these usual job search steps, no surprise it’s leaving you feel  frustrated. I regularly hear  from my clients and followers that their job change feels as a “messy, complicated and exhausting” process. Often leaving them with no energy and excitement and most of all doubting if changing jobs or careers was a good idea in the first place.

Would you explore moving away from this usual job search cycle to stop worrying and instead feel more curious and joyful about your transition? Wouldn’t you love that?

Attract Your Dream Job Effortlessly

If career change feels messy and exhausting to you right now, I’d love to support you. I’m very excited about this because over the years I learnt that I didn’t need to:

X work harder or more to achieve better results,

X waste so much time and energy on unsuccesful job search,

X change my CV many times,

X overanalyse and try to figure out what’s not working,

X feel frustrated and stuck in a job or career that just doesn’t feel like you.

Process that I fine-tuned worked so well for me. I went through 2 redundancies in last two years. Initially this felt difficult. I was worried about my next steps big time. I used my process again and It worked pretty fast!

I was able to secure new jobs without frustration. It felt effortless. The first time I got my new dream job in 2 weeks. Second time within less than 6 weeks. In both cases with less than 3 applications, bigger payrise and most of all I was getting paid for doing what I love.

I recorded the steps and process I took to land my dream jobs  and made it available for more employees in my first digital “baby” – aka first digital online product – DREAM JOB TOOLKIT.

Navigate Your Job Change with Ease & Joy (Your Dream Job Journey Made Simple)

Understanding your challenges at every stage of your journey will help you gain better focus to overcome obstacles.

When it comes to changing your jobs or careers there are small shifts that will help you accelerate your change and achieve better results in record time:

  1. Stop doing what’s not working
  2. Simplify your steps and get focused on the step is relevant now
  3. Adjust your response in difficult situations (when you’re not achieving desired results)

I identified that when it comes to finding your dream job there are 4 stages of your dream job journey. I go more into details about these shifts and how to navigate each stage in my DREAM JOB TOOLKIT. Here you can see everything it covers.


If you hate job search (as I do), you’re going to love it.

What I love about this toolkit is how flexible and easy to follow it is.  You can use this toolkit and start fulfilling your career dreams from today:

X without a fancy CV

X without the right connections

X  without being perfect

X  without feeling overwhelmed

You don’t need to worry about feeling overwhelmed anymore.

This is why my content from this toolkit is delivered directly to your mailbox in 5 simple-to-follow emails with actionable steps, ebooks and video.

I also  allowed you some space in between receiving my emails so you can reflect, have time to think of your next step and get excited about your new job prospects and change.

Explore how to use my DREAM JOB TOOLKIT to navigate your change with ease and joy.

ps: This toolkit is mainly aimed for professional women (simply because most of my clients and followers are women), but the process will also work for men who are open to change their approach.


Author: AdriAna Kosovska

Professional and certified coach & founder of ZERO TO DREAM JOB ACADEMY


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