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⁉️ Are you neglecting your career dreams? 

⁉️ Are you dreaming to work for yourself but scared to get started and finally do it? 

⁉️ Are your financial commitments like paying your bills and mortgage holding you back from following on your career change? 

Then you’re in the right place!  

Let me invite you to listen to my next Dream Job Interview Episode and discover how to Accelerate your change – From Dreaming To Planning!  

This episode is about career change, starting a business and managing your mortgage. 

Fall asleep inspired to turn your dream into a real job

My next guest is The Founder of My Mortgage Angel & Qualified Mortgage Advisor – Samantha Lindsay 

Sam never really considered working for herself. She had many roles from ordering specialised transit vans at Ford Motor Company, to helping map out the telephone network with Siemens Communications, to arranging Insurance Premium Finance for brokers, to co-ordinating outbound sales campaigns in a call centre.  

Her most recent role, which she loved, was working for a Financial Advisor in London – helping women with all non-regulated aspects of the finances. Her job title was ‘Didi’ which she was told is Hindi for ‘elder sister who takes care of you’. 

How it all started?

Sam can remember getting their first mortgage and being really interested in the details. Then several years later she arranged her own mortgage directly with a bank and it was a horrific experience. That’s the moment she decided to take exams with a mission to help even just one family have a better experience than she’d just had. 

This was then.  

Coincidentally, on the day of the momentous Brexit referendum decision in 2016, Sam founded her own business – My Mortgage Angel – providing non-judgmental, fee-free advice designed to help people find the right mortgage and optimize mortgage opportunities. 

In our interview Sam will share with you: 

  • How she successfully shifted her dream to reality and became an entrepreneur
  • Tips you can easily apply to make a successful career change and overcome challenges 
  • Helpful tips on managing your mortgage during a career transition or unexpected life situations  
  • How to pick the right-for-you mortgage advisor 

Tune in on Tuesday 17th Nov evening 7.30 pm UK time on Facebook page Zero to Dream Job 

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