Here’s why you don’t HAVE to set goals for 2021. If you’re lacking inspiration for goal setting, feel sick and tired or simply feel pressure to set your goals this year, just like me these days, simply relax. Perhaps it’s time for something different this year.

You don’t need to box your life into a few goals.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t find something inspiring to do either. It doesn’t mean that you couldn’t experience a blissful and successful year. 

But for now, it’s OK not set any goals.  

Your inspiration may come later this year and maybe … it won’t.  

Struggling to come up with NY goals and resolutions 

It’s not like I didn’t try.

I bought a “Motivational Diary” for 2021. I opened first pages and here it was. An exercise to write 101 goals for 2021. 101? I rolled my eyes but still convinced myself to give a go. I wrote a few sentences but nothing that would make me go “Wow, that would be amazing! I got to do this!” I turned the pages over thinking “I need a break, I’ll come back to that later when I get inspired (if!).” 

Then I was trying to find some inspiration in my emails.  It was only 3rd of Jan 2021 and my mailbox was already flooded with Goal Setting tips promising me to achieve the impossible and have the best year ever. I found myself to click delete-delete-delete on all of the New-Year-New-You newsletters.  

The thing is I usually love Goal Setting. It helps me to articulate my unspoken dreams and desires, and then translate them into achievable steps. It helped me to attract dream jobs, start my business, become a published co-author or find my other half.  

But I guess this year I just start without any specific life-transforming goals. After all, who cares?

An alternative to boxing my life into a few goals 

As much as I love being in the driving seat of my life,  I want to create a space for more freedom, creativity and manifest my desires with more flow … and see what difference that would make.  

I wonder if taking a break from goal setting can actually be healthy and stimulating. Let’s see … 2020 has been challenging and I am realising that “pushing or hustling” for more in 2021 is not what is going to make me (and possibly you) happier, is it?  

Maybe it’s time to be more present, breathe and listen to myself as the weeks unfold …

Is that an excuse or wishful thinking? I don’t know yet. I will let you know as the year goes by.

But what I am already noticing is …

It’s time to Glam Up little bit.

Working from home office since March last year meant for me to care less about how I look when I work from home even though we use camera for our virtual office meetings.  I miss those compliments I used to get from my other half when he saw me dressing up for work. I simply stopped paying attention to how I dress. More importantly what I haven’t realised is that how I dress myself naturally impacts how I feel about myself when I am working from home. 

I should go out more!

Another strange realisation came from a chat with my other half : “Have you been out today? Did you go for a walk?  followed with a few seconds of silence.  “Hmm, nope!” I realised I am more of an introverty indoorsy type of person more that I thought. I haven’t been out for at least five-six-seven days (apart from taking the rubbish out) …  I know going out for a walk, getting some fresh air is good for me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  

My creative soul is asking for more attention too!

I am noticing the desire to do some writing, creative arts … I have been playing with an idea to finish off the book I’ve started to write two years ago. Last days I couldn’t take my eyes of hand-painted silk scarfs … and YouTube tutorials learning how to paint on silk. I so wanted to purchase the materials right away.  But then I decided to leave them in the online basket and see if I still feel in love with them enough to make the purchase next week (it’s so easy to get addicted to online shopping when I can’t go to shops!).  

And that’s it for now.  

I may write more about my inspirations as they start to speak to me this year. 

And if you are feeling the same way, it’s ok! 

I don’t know yet how my personal, career or business goals will look like this year. 

But I also know that that doesn’t have to hold me back from experiencing a blissful and fulfilling year 2021. 

Sometimes all that you need is to plan less, and take an inspired action more …

What about you?

How do you feel about goal setting in 2021? 

Let me know in the comments.

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