Here is why you should stop it right away. I don’t like using “shoulds” so here is a valid reason why and you decide if it’s worth prioritising what you love doing. Joy, fulfilment and satisfaction help you explore what your talents and strenghts are, what you do best. Yet it’s not natural to prioritize them over urgency or importance.

I was attending a writing session when a fellow writer shared … “I enjoy writing but I don’t find the time to do it more. I put it behind all other important things.” She made a valid point that made me think …

It’s so easy to put activies that we enjoy doing at the end of our to-do lists. They don’t feel important enough and let’s face it.  How often do we actually do this in our jobs and business? How often do we put fulfilment and joy behind other important chores?

Feeling joy, fun or fulfilment does not make the activity less important or urgent.

Recently I prepared a masterclass for my group members on a very favourite topic  – DISCOVER YOUR TALENT DNA (And Get Paid More For Doing What You Actually Love). The great benefit of discovering your talents is that it combines important activities with joy and fulfilment. What you may not realise is that joy and fulfilment help you observe and recognise what you’re actually great at and what is important to you.

What struck me when I was preparing for my webinar is how much time we actually spend focusing on our mistakes and trying to fix what is wrong with us somehow leaving all the great things about us behind, not even asking what is great … what are my talents?

Give yourself the permission to do what you enjoy more often without feeling guilty (it can help you discover your talents)

Whatever it is that you love doing give yourself the persmission to do it more without feeling guilty. You can start introducing more of the activities that you enjoy in your job or business too. It will make a big difference to you and how you feel in your job.

The first time I came across discovering talents was over seven years ago. I wanted to understand why I am getting frustrated at work and what else apart from finance I was great at. I felt fairly frustrated doing what I did for work (although it appeared to be my dream job for a long while). Discovering my talents help me to re-design my career but it felt like a strange process at first.

Now imagine this …

How would you experience your working life and business if you spent the same amount of time focusing more on what you’re good at and what you actually enjoy doing?

It’s a long question but a good one … you may want to read it again …

Weird question, right?
It certainly felt like it the first time I heard it!

Doing more of what I enjoy at work … that’s not even possible! There is a whole load of must-do, to-do things, important stuff with deadlines. How could I possibly pick what I enjoy when my employer writes my job description?

I didn’t come up with any sensible answers during that session and so I took that question home with me. My brain was digesting the question for a few more days … “How would it feel? Silly question. It would feel great, but is it possible?”

This is where my talent quest started.

As a part of my talent discovery sessions, I had to reach out to my friends or people who know me well. The assignment was simple. Ask for feedback what they think you’re good at. It took me two days to actually get to it. I was constantly fighting my inner voice screaming “They will think you’re fishing for compliments!”

In the end I did ask and it was fun to put all those answers together.

Unlike skills you will not acquire your talents.

That’s why it felt like a strange concept to me at first. I thought that in order to be great at something I had to learn it or acquire a skill. Then it clicked. Talents are such a powerful force that’s already within me. It’s something I am using daily already but I am not aware of how.

Realising I have talents that helped me to be great at something naturally was an eye opener.

This is how my obsession with talent DNA thingy started. And by talents I don’t mean talents like talents in sports or arts. I learnt that every person, including me and you, has a specific Talent DNA – a combination of TOP and dominant talents that is unique to this person only.

These talents are a part of you and hence they will naturally shape the way you think, feel and behave. Your talents will naturally influence your decisions and actions before you even realise …
Exploring your talent DNA may not feel natural but it’s definitely worth doing. I talk more about discovering your Talent DNA, benefits and tips how to recognise your talents in my video masterclass. You can access the video recording for FREE in my group


Author: AdriAna Kosovska

Certified coach & founder of ZERO TO DREAM JOB ACADEMY

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