Dreaming about a career change, will not lead you to satisfaction. Dreams should be fulfilled. It is necessary to strive for change and embark on a journey for new challenges.

Shares Lucia Benkova, a mumpreneur – artist and a writer of books for children.

Born in a fairy-tale town, she recognized her miraculous talent and found inspiration to write educational books for children. Inspired by her own experience, she wrote a fairy tale, thanks to which she helps other parents in raising children to be kind, humane, respectful and decent.

Her story sounds like a dream job story but it wasn’t always so rosy. Lucia shared her discoveries, experiences and tips on the way to her dream job with you .


Where do you come from and where are you based now?  

I grew up in a fairy-tale city that breathes art. I love the beauty of my hometown Bojníce, the historical monuments of the city, the castle paintings, the smell of the old library. I love every second spent here, in a place that evokes wonderful memories and provides inspiration and relaxation.


As a child did you have a dream job? 

I have been fascinated by art since childhood.  I like to paint, read and work with details. I started painting before I learned to speak. I had an excellent teacher. I inherited and developed my talent mainly thanks to my father.


When and how did you discover direction for your ideal job, career or business?

When choosing a school, my steps led in the economic direction, but not because I was clear at that time in which field I would work. At the Business Academy Vocational High School, they accepted students with an average grade of 1.0 without exams, so I chose the high school because of my grades from primary school.

After high school, I traveled a lot. Then came the time to settle down and the need, or rather the desire, to learn. I graduated from the Teaching of Professional Subjects and Practical Training and later on at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Having faced a challenging situation with my son set me on a new writing path. My vision is to familiarize children with the possibilities of solving existing environmental problems through interesting fairy tales. Fairy tales will bring them not only pleasure but also lessons. We should lead our children to a positive attitude towards the environment from early childhood so that they have the best possible future.

Lucia Benkova with her children and two published books. Photo credit: Petra Obonova


What is your job or position in business now? Why you do what you do right now?

I worked on a book, more precisely, we were working. My 4-year-old son, who likes to paint, accompanies me when illustrating. A song is born for the fairy tales, produced by my husband. He is assisted by his second-born son, who has loved music since birth. We create together literally and figuratively.

The book, titled A smile for good night, consists of 16 educational fairy tales intended for bedtime reading. Every fairy tale brings an educational element. The book shows illustrative problem behavior followed by guidance on correct behavior. Reading is intended for children of preschool and early school age. The illustrations were inspired by children’s drawings. The template was provided by the 6-year-old niece – Tamarka.

Fairy tales are powerful

Through fairy tales, we can guide the child to the rules of kind, humane, respectful and decent behavior so that his reactions to normal everyday situations are natural and appropriate. Of course, you can’t expect a 3-year-old to react in the same situation as a 5-year-old. The important thing is that he will know how others behave in a similar situation. When a child encounters a situation he knows, he feels safe and then his overall social behavior and attitude also change.

What are your visions or plans? Are you planning at all?

Yes, I plan and implement the plans. I am planning to prepare another book of fairy tales for children, which will cover not only the kind, humane, respectful and decent behavior to which all parents try to lead their children, but also the needs and possibilities of solving serious global problems of humanity.

Fairy tales are magical in that they can clarify any situation not only for children, but also for adults, give it a fantasz, seriousness, draw attention to the problem and point out the possibilities of solving the given situation. Because as it happens in fairy tales – good wins over evil.

What have you learned on your dream job journey? What were the most difficult things you had to overcome?

The most difficult thing was to solve the situation that started it all. There was an educational problem in the family during the period of defiance, which brought us a lot of tears, fear for the child’s health and a lot of questions.

As one of the solutions to our educational problem, the child psychologist recommended us to tell educational fairy tales, which helped us to eliminate the problem. In connection with today’s technocratic age, more and more parents encounter children’s bossiness, which, if it gets out of control during the period of defiance, can lead to dependence on power.

What would you say to someone who is currently not satisfied with their work? 

If a person is not satisfied in his work, it signals only one thing – the need for change – which cannot be done without the need for education, self-education, increasing qualifications, changing jobs, or changing the overall profession.

If a person has a vision, an idea of ​​the future, an intention, a goal, then he has a mission – to project a vision, an idea of ​​the future into the present. Only dreaming about changing a person will not lead to satisfaction, dreams must be fulfilled. It is necessary to strive for change and embark on a journey for new challenges.

Which 3 tips would you give to someone who is right now considering changing jobs, career or starting freelance?

  • Look ahead. If you decide to change your profession completely, don’t be afraid of a new one. You have a chance to learn something you love to do.
  • Start planning and learning new things in new fields that will open the door to fulfilling your dream.
  • Get one step closer to your dream. Do something that will bring you closer to getting your dream job or profession. Dreaming is not enough to fulfill your dreams! Get information, learn, network, with people, from the same field, move forward.

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