Bedtime Stories

Inspirational Bedtime and Lunch break stories for Adults

True, honest and inspiring dream job interviews

As a child, I used to love good night stories. Did you?

I took the inspiration from bedtime stories and started to create Dream Job Interviews and Stories for women who find it hard to sleep due to their work-related problems, specially if they are flirting with the idea to change jobs.

Dream Job Interviews are light-hearted dialogues with lionhearted women who followed their career dreams. Because if these women could do it, why couldn’t you?

And that is the reason why I launched Dream Job Interviews – light-hearted yet powerful conversations with people who made it sharing their experience, wisdom and lessons learnt, so you can find your own inspiration in these happy-end stories.

Whether you’d like to tune in just before your sleep or to cheer you up during your lunch break, it’s totally up to you.

Tune in and come away inspired to turn your dream into a real job.

Become unstoppable now!

Ena followed her heart and settled in the UK to be with the love of her life. She left her life in Croatia and a stable job promising lifelong security. After settling in, she started again from zero.

Ena successfully transitioned from working as cleaner to launch her successful freelancing Virtual Assistant (VA) business. But one event changed her life direction tremendously. She finally acknowledged her inner calling. Today she helps people to become unstoppable to follow their dreams.

Connect With Yourself!

Kristina realised that feeling stuck, frustrated and negative wasn’t normal for her. She started to question what was happening with her. 

Kristina shares how she turned her talents and purpose into a powerful catalyst for positive change in her career, transitioning from a Nurse to working as Nurse Manager and Wellbeing consultant increasing her income by doing what she loves! All of that while she was taking care of her 3 children and husband.  

Overcome Your Complacency!

Nina had a HR Manager’s job that paid well, and for years she stayed stuck there because it was relatively stable. She got to a point when looking into her future scared her!

She realised that she didn’t want to look back on an uninspiring career with so many wasted hours of time.  Nina successfully transitioned and launched her freelance career doing what she loves – writing. She started off with distributing hundreds of leaflets in her neighbourhood.

It seems impossible until it’s done!

Uncertain about her future, Hana took a brave step and followed her partner (now husband). She moved countries and love guided her to London.

Little did she know that one day she’d be helping people to turn their love and hate relationship with social media into a breakthrough experience. Hana helps personal brands go big on social media and get visibility they want. She also lectures at the prestigious University of the Arts London

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