Self-study programs

My self-study courses are IDEAL for women:

Who’d rather work on their career dreams than blame others for their failure

Who know they have to take inspired actions to get desired results

Who are ready to learn, change perspective or their habits to get results faster 

 If you are an action taker, welcome.



Many well qualified, experienced and talented women know how to write a solid CV, yet they still get rejected during the CV screening.

Because only a very few women know how to stand out in a crowded competitive market among other candidates and how to instantly win the attention of recruiters, headhunters and hiring managers.

Create a CV that will help you win your dream role with IRRESISTIBLE CV TOOLKIT.



Do you want a vision board that really works for you but don’t know where to start? Use my simple 3-step process to:

  • stop living your life on auto-pilot and get crystal clear on what you want,
  • put yourself first and make your dreams, needs and hopes as important as  the needs of your family,
  • breath excitement and motivation again into your days again without a long TO-DO list.

Activate your inspiration and actions with a personalised VISION BOARD.