How to Land Your Dream Job [7 Day Challenge & Toolkits]

 Get Your Dream Job

With 7-Day Dream Job Challenge

Have you wasted 2, 3 or more months searching for your ideal job with no luck?

Are you starting to feel demotivated and overwhelmed wondering if finding your dream job is possible? Almost giving up?

Do you suffer from self-doubt and worry if you ever find a job that would feel great and pay well?

How would it feel if you finally overcome your doubts, worries and found a job that fills your heart with joy and bank account with more money?

Great, right?

All you need to land your dream job


I developed a new challenge with toolkit as a self-study guide for a fraction of 1-2-1 coaching course:

Day 1: Turn your worries and doubts to confidence
✅ Day 2: Discover Your Dream Job (The Ideal-For-You Job)
✅ Day 3: Discover 7 Ideal-For-You Employers
✅ Day 4: Discover Career Paths matching your skillset
✅ Day 5: Guide: How to create an irresistible CV (Preparation)
✅ Day 6: Create your job-winning CV using Templates
✅ Day 7: FUN way to job search & Create powerful job-search mojo (tune your mindset to achieve the best results)

Spend less time job-searching, have more FUN and discover your IDEAL JOB faster!

This will help you achieve exactly that!

This self-study challenge is suitable for you if you:
👍 know what your dream job is but struggle to get it,
👍 think what your dream job could be and want to go for it,
👍 feel you can achieve way more in your career but have procrastinated,
👍 sent job applications but hear nothing back,
👍 want to give up excuses & change your career for better,
👍 want to fit it into your busy schedule (only 1 hr daily max),

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