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Workshop with organisation Myslenie Prvej Ligy, Bratislava

Career change does not have to be painful nor stressful

If you are stuck, unhappy or stressed in your career, it doesn’t have to stay that way forever.

I successfully collaborate with people from all backgrounds and walks of life who feel stuck in their careers, stressed and lacking in confidence, or who feel they don’t yet understand their potential.

You could be:

  • a capable person in a busy job with a busy home life to match, constantly too exhausted to
    focus on yourself and your unrealised dreams,
  • someone who works in a career they like, but a job they don’t,
  • a successful supervisor or middle-manager who has lost your way, trapped in a ‘golden cage’ of organisational hierarchy,
  • feeling unfulfilled in your careers and want to change that.

If you’re unhappy with where you are now in your career, we can help you discover your next – confident and happy – steps.

You can offer yourself the gift of direction, happiness and purpose.

Together we will work through the barriers you face and overcome them so that you can face the rest of your working life with the confidence and passion you need to succeed.



If you are a SELF-STARTER who prefers studying on your own and taking courses at your own pace, select from my self-study courses.

If you prefer joining a GROUP of like-minded people who are working through similar challenges, then this group coaching programme could be great fit for you.

Feeling stuck but unable to decide what to do next on your journey? Book a free 45 min consultation where I can help you discover your next happy career steps.

What was their experience?

“I can clearly see steps to take in becoming who I want to be for people. I understand goal setting and its power. Also sharing my journey! My biggest breakthroughs are sharing and taking action!” Booking and doing my training! And starting my driving lessons! I had such a block and was in a complete state of stasis – I couldn’t even imagine myself at the wheel. You unlocked and helped me create what I wanted, where I wanted to be and encouraged me to have the conversations and take the steps I needed to in order to commit.”

Caroline, London * Singer * Founder of community project PlayDays * Celebrant

“I have been working as an Anesthetic Nurse for last 22 years. Stress is on daily menu in this profession. It is affecting all my life professional and personal too. All my family was affected by that. I could not disconnect myself from work. I could not separate the professional life and after coming home pretended that I was ok, although I wasn’t. Adriana with her amazing coaching program came to me as a call from heaven. I never had any coaching session before. I just realize that I should have done it long time ago. It was above my expectation. There are no words to express that. I recommend these coaching sessions with Adriana to everyone.

You will get professional and excellent quality sessions. It is very important to learn how to deal with your stress at work because if you are exposed to stress for a long time, the quality of your life starts to suffer. Why do this to yourself? Do not just survive, but have and create full-valued life.”

Kristina *a mum of three * wife *an anaesthetic nurse with twenty-two years of experience, currently working at a private clinic in England.