Discover Your Talents [Intro course]

 You have 34 talents.

Are you using them to the best of your ability in career and business?

My guess is not. And it’s not your fault at all. It just happens that at school, work or in business people have the tendency to focus too much on their weaknesses, indeed with good intentions to improve.

But what if I told you that the more time and effort you spent in areas of your weaknesses and imperfections, the less opportunity you have to utilize and refine your talents to achieve even better results, feel more joy and improve your earning potential …

You may not have appeared on the Britain’s Got Talent audition, but I can guarantee you: YOU ARE TALENTED.

Talent isn’t just a fancy word to compliment someone great at arts, dance or sports.

Everyone is gifted with a unique set of talents. So are you!

How would it feel if you stopped dwelling on your imperfections and instead used your talents and give your best every day? Great, right? Let’s unlock your potential together.


Discover your combination of 34 talents and

be so great that they can’t ignore you.

In this mini-course I will help you discover your talents with 3 simple steps:

✅ Talent reflection – learn how to recognise your talents without taking a talent assessment,

✅ Personalised Talent Assessment [Gallup Strengthsfinder],

✅ Talent consultation – 90-minute online consultation to go through your results and talent themes together

Spend less time worrying about your weaknesses and have more FUN discovering and using your TALENTS.