Building your successful and purposeful career is not rocket science, but it may seem impossible when you feel stuck, bored or unhappy.

Discover how to start making positive changes in your career step-by-step.

Making a successful career shift may seem difficult when you are doing it alone.

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I was STUCK and UNHAPPY in my job. Thanks to Adriana and her amazing coaching program, I opened myself to new opportunities and got a new job with 25% increase in my salary. I have got my life power back and this is an amazing feeling.

Kristina, mum of three, wife and an anesthetic nurse, England - completed 1-2-1 career coaching

Adriana is a very good trainer, knowledgeable and listened well. Her workshop helped me to reignite enthusiasm and passion for my job.

Caroline, teacher

I really enjoyed the challenge and it helped me identify what I want, plus gave me confidence in that it is available and how to go for it.

Daniela, London - completed ZERO TO DREAM JOB Challenge

This package has given me the opportunity to get new and useful insights about the career I want, the skills I bring and how to take action to get my dream job. Highly recommended!

Jeanet, London - completed ZERO TO DREAM JOB Challenge

Brilliant meetup! Interactive, friendly atmosphere, lots of useful tips shared between the participants.


Antoine, London - attended Meet Up group session

This was an amazing session, with lots of food for thought and a really spot on assessment of where we are at our best. We all have to dig much deeper than we usually do.

I think you won’t want to miss the next one because you will see how much energising you will feel after the meeting.

George, London - attended ZERO TO DREAM JOB Meet Up group session

Zero to Dream Job has had a genuinely positive impact on my career, allowing me to take a step back and take a more considered approach to my working life. Adriana is a fantastic listener and she takes a real interest in your skills and personal history. I came out of our numerous chats with the confidence to focus on my existing strengths, rather than trying to live up to unattainable targets.

Jamie, graphic designer, London - completed Strenghts Discovery Sessions

I have found the advert about Zero to Dream Job by accident and then I joined. I already took all the steps that were included in the program, but it took me several years. I definitely recommend this challenge to all, who are serious not only about their career change, but want to change their life.

What I discovered is that, unless your goal is clearly defined, you can’t see all the possibilities that are available to you when it comes to your dream job… simply because you have not defined it. But as soon as you do that, everything will accelerate.

Mary Roe, writer - completed ZERO TO DREAM JOB Challenge

Every time I have a coaching session with Adriana I feel powerful and energized. Adriana helped me  realize that it is worth trying to do what you feel in your heart rather than keep waiting for the “perfect” moment. She helped me realize how to see greatness within myself, how to be who I really am and how to stand for what is important for me at all times.

Silvia, team leader, London - completed 1-2-1 CAREER COACHING


There is a huge mountain of unclaimed potential when it comes to employing people and creating inspiring working opportunities…

But far too many people are stressed, bored and unfullfilled at work.

In 21st century employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They are looking for a purposeful career, right work/life balance, shared values …

My name is Adriana Kosovska and I am the founder of Zero to Dream Job project.

In collaboration with other experts we train, coach, mentor and support people to find their dream job and organisations to create the dream jobs for their employees.


Our research and coaching experience across various industries show that these three simple issues prevent successful and talented professionals from enjoying their jobs and drive them to make the change although they can be happy with their pay.

High stress levels, negative reactions and mindset due to work related stress.

Frustration and lack of clarity. Many professionals complain about their jobs, but actually don’t leverage their unique talents and have no idea what their ideal job is.

Managers have a little understanding of the needs and visions of their most valuable and wealth-generating asset – their talented employees – leaving their staff often feel overlooked, misunderstood and disengaged.

… and that’s the reason why you landed on this website.

Zero to Dream Job supports employees and organisations
to go from stressed and unhappy to joyful and fulfilled.



We work with proven, professional and creative coaching methods enhancing personal performance approved by internationally recognised experts. Coaching can be delivered as individual 1-2-1 online consultantions or as group workshops.


We help employees, managers and entrepreneurs learn how to manage their stress to create better work-life balance and bring more peace and harmony to their working lives.


We help our clients to discover their natural talents and help them identify their strenghts for developing a successful and fulfilling career and personal potential.


With our experience in management and team leadership, we support clients to apply cost-effective and impactful solutions to make a successful change and make a difference.