Welcome, gorgeous dream job creator!

I am on a mission to support employees to find their dream job and managers to create the dream jobs for their employees. In 21st century this is totally possible.

I launched this platform in 2016 and since then became a “DREAM JOB” coach for my precious clients as well as Amazon’s bestselling co-author.

I mainly work with clients and companies in service-based industries from finance, through sales, healthcare and education. But to be honest, I don’t put my clients into a box based on their industry.

I am inspired to work with you if you believe that fulfilment, passion and joy are equally important as your talents, skills and purpose. This is exactly what I will help you discover – how to design your career so it feels rewarding and fulfilling. 

I am Adri, nice to virtually meet you.

So your heart desires to quit your job but you’re fearful and uncertain how to make a successful career shift? I get it.

If you had enough of feeling lost, confused and hopeless, welcome – you are in the right place.

Could I be the perfect fit and your DREAM-JOB coach for you?

I have been where you are right now.

After moving to England, I went from working as a kitchen porter and factory worker to an AP manager working for one of the TOP UK Entrepreneurs in just about six years. 

I achieved my dream and then I started to struggle.

Becoming a Finance Executive was no longer my dream. I was struggling to find meaning and joy in my day-to-day job. This impacted my life badly. As a result I struggled in my dating life and relationships.

I turned into a highly-frustrated manager without a healthy work-and-life balance, racing in the “hamster wheel”. This was then.

My life and career are very different now.

They are filled with joy, opportunities, gratitude and getting paid for doing what I love doing every day.

But most of all, I have time for people and everything that matters to me – my partner, family, my community as well as having fun.

And this is why I dedicate my time and energy to something that makes so much sense to me and difference to others.

 My reasons why?

I’ve seen too much frustration, disagement and unhappiness at workplace.

I believe that dream job is not meant only for the privileged or lucky people.

I believe that you too can find your dream job (just as I did mine).

I believe that you too can find direction, meaning, joy and success in your career.

I believe you too can become an inspiration for others.

It’s normal to feel stuck, bored or frustrated in your career sometimes.

But it’s not Ok if you feel this way most of the time.

Can I help you to find your dream job and build a successful career?

Sure, I can. 

But it’s not up to me, it’s really up to YOU.

Because if I am the only one who believes in your happiness and success, it won’t work.


Finding your dream job truly is your DREAM JOB JOURNEY.

Imagine how your stress and agony transform into a catalysts leading you to successful change.

Imagine how your current confusion starts disappearing and you’re gaining more clarity.

Imagine that you can stop bothering your partner, lover or friend and instead you can be supported by a professional who understands your challenges.

The best part?

In the process I help you to navigate through stress, to discover your talents and career potential focusing on achieving outcomes that are beyond the possibilities you see right now. I help you to unlock your career potential that is sleeping inside of you.

Oh, and in case you were wondering if I am trained and certified … I always choose the best training providers training me on the modern, powerful and effective coaching tools.

I was certified as a coach by the recognised UK and worldwide experts: Centre for coaching and stress management, London and Gallup certified coach.

How does that sounds to you? Does it resonate?

Great! Then let’s get started.

I do not work with everyone. Before reaching out to book a call with me, let’s check out if my work resonates with you.

Connect with me in my ZERO TO DREAM JOB CLUB, an amazing and inspiring place for committed dream job creators.

This is where I happily connect with you and shower you with regular empowering challenges, tips and upcoming news.