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Dream Job is no longer just a myth or a La-la-land phrase.

Are you facing any of the challenges listed below?

  • You’re  a professional in 30s and 40s and realised your career life isn’t as good as it could be,
  • You’re facing any of these challenges:
    • looking to take the next step in your career but it’s not happening (this could be aiming for a promotion or getting into leadership),
    • standing at a cross-road and feeling confused what to do next in your professional life (thinking if you should just change your job or change your career completely),
    • not sure (not clear) what your dream job could be and how to find the job that is a right fit for you,
    • not sure what else apart from what you have been doing you’re good at (and what what your talents are).
  • You’ve had enough of feeling disengaged in your career and want to unlock new opportunities,
  • You’ve had enough of not achieving expected results (and wasting your time),
  • You’ve had enough of trying on your own and are open to work with a friendly professional coach.

I well understand these challenges as experienced them myself. And I know, even if it feels impossible right now, all those challenges can be solved.

As a career coach, I can support you with a unique blend of  skills and experiences that I bring together:

  • professional coaching experience [I certified as a coach with Centre for Coaching and Stress Management in London in 2016, 2017].
  • ten years of experience in leadership [for different types of organisations from family business to international corporate organisations].
  • personal experience of working through a burnout in early thirties, facing two redundancies in three years and using these difficult situations to discover my dream job aligned with my values, purpose and life calling.



What makes me different from other career coaches?

I am kind and compassionate. Feeling stuck in your career is stressful and unpleasant enough. I am not here to add more stress to your life. I am not here to kick your butt to take action. I am not here to push you into direction you’re not feeling right about. Instead I am gentle, compassionate yet direct to help you stay focused on your vision, aspirations and goals.

I focus on the bigger picture and your priorities, meaning I will guide you to look into your future, explore new possibilities and encourage you to stop dwelling on your past, to stop judging your imperfections or past failures.

I am pragmatic but have the Disney style positive mindset. When I went through the hardest times in my life, fairy tales helped me to maintain positive outlook on life and find strength within myself. I believe the life throws at us many difficult situations to test our strength, character and abilities. And we have a choice – we can choose how we react. You can make it even harder for yourselves, feel bitter about life and turn into a drama … or focus on what you can do to find the happy ending you want to experience.



If you would love to discuss how we can work together, I invite you to book a free Career Discovery call.

What can you expect on Career Discovery call?

  • A relaxed informal professional online chat about your career situation via Zoom,
  • I will ask you questions about your career needs, desires and goals,
  • I will encourage you to look at and share what is right now holding you back in a safe way,
  • Depending on your situation, I will guide you to discover your next step or how you can overcome your problem,
  • At the end of the call, if you feel we are a good fit (and I feel I can help you) I can offer more tailored support – this could be:
    • guiding you to a self-study online programme
    • offering you 1-2-1 coaching or group coaching based on  what would fit your needs more,
    • support you in our free membership group if you’re not ready for coaching.

No matter if we will or won’t work together, you will come away from the call feeling EMPOWERED  to TAKE the NEXT STEP.

Let’s hop on a call and we can talk this through.