Book Career Discovery Call

Dream Job is no longer just a myth or a La-la-land phrase.

I want to help you if … you’re an employee, team lead or a manager and:

  • You’re in your 30s and 40s
  • You’re an employee looking to take the next step in your career but it’s not happening (this could be aiming for a promotion or getting into leadership),
  • You’re standing at a cross-road what to do next in your professional life changing jobs or changing career completely),
  • You’re not sure (not clear) what your dream job could be and how to find the job that is a right fit for you,
  • You’re feeling tired and exhausted in your career – not achieving expected results (and wasting your time),
  • You’re not feeling confident about yourself right now,
  • You’re not sure because you never worked with a career coach,
  • You’re worried because you worked with a coach but didn’t get desired results.


What can you expect on our call:

  • A relaxed informal professional online chat about your career situation via Zoom,
  • I will ask you questions about your career needs, desires and goals,
  • I will encourage you to look at and share what is right now holding you back in a safe way,
  • Depending on your situation, I will guide you to discover your next step or make suggestions how you can overcome your problem,
  • At the end of the call, if you feel we are a good fit (and I feel I can help you) I can offer more tailored support – this could be:
    • guiding you to a self-study online programme
    • offering you 1-2-1 coaching or group coaching based on  what would fit your needs more,
    • support in our free membership group if you’re not ready to commit to coaching.

No matter if we will or won’t work together, you will come away from the call feeling EMPOWERED  to TAKE the NEXT STEP.

Let’s hop on a call and we can talk this through.