Hi gorgeous dream job creator!

  • Are you feeling tired and overworked in your day-to-day working life? 
  • No energy left to even think about your career ambitions? 
  • Are you afraid of not being good enough to move up to the next level in your career? 
  • Or do you just simply want to prepare to achieve your next career ambitions? 

Welcome,  you are in the right place.


You  can easily achieve more in your career without: 

  • feeling frustrated and overworked,  
  • feeling energetically drained,  
  • overanalysing your weaknesses and failures,
  • buying courses that you’ll never finish because they just don’t feel right for you,
  • buying into your doubts.


Simply by discovering your talents and playing to your strengths. 

But here is the thing,

Every day you use your talents and strengths, so how come that achieving your career ambitions feels difficult, overwhelming or hard? 

Simply, because you don’t realise what your talents are. 

That can change before this summer. Let me help you with that! 

This program is more than another online training

It’s an experience that will change how you see yourself, your career and what is possible for you.

  • Is a 6-week, interactive and powerful discovery training that teaches you how to discover your unique combination of talents and use them to achieve your next career ambitions.   
  • Whether you’re an employee, a team member or a manager, this course will challenge you to access your natural capacity to excel that you already posses,
  • It’s designed to turn your talents into a force for unlocking your career potential while feeling good and feeling free to express yourself,
  • It takes you through 6 group coaching session where you will be coached on your real-life examples and studying how you create your own success within a community of like-minded people.


  • Discover what makes you unique, what your TOP talents and your natural capacity to excel are, 
  • Build awareness how your talents occur to you, others and why they sometimes don’t understand your point of view and ideas,
  • Gain confidence to overcome your fears and doubts,
  • Prepare yourself to succeed in your career and create a plan to achieve your next ambitions.
  • Save your money and stop investing into courses on offer that you’ll never use in your career, instead discover what is best to focus on for you.


  • Start with taking a surprisingly accurate ONLINE ASSESSMENT before training that will identify your talents,
  • Participate in 6 ONLINE SESSIONS learning to recognise and apply your talents in your professional life
  • Starts on Wedn 13th May, each online session in duration of 2 hours max from 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm UK time
  • Learn through individual assessments how to understand your talents and how to use them to achieve your career goals.  
  • Share your discoveries in a safe environment and practise how to be more visible when sharing about your career potential, based on this experience you will gain confidence to share about your talents with ease and freely.
  • Maximum group of course participants 6 to allow for 1-2-1 interaction within a friendly group of like-minded professionals, 
  • Support during the course will be provided through a Facebook group or LinkedIn group (upon agreement with course participants). 

You will be challenged to explore your potential because that is what my clients praise me for.

But who actually is Adriana and could she be the right person for you?

Having seen too much frustration, stress and unhappiness at work I made it my mission to support employees find happiness, fulfilment and success in their careers.  

Throughout my career I successfully faced several challenges and was able to turn them into exciting opportunities:

  • I went from a dreamer with little English skills working in factory sticking cards on pre-printed letters having only £200 to my name to achieve my ambition in finance career. I became an AP manager working for one of the TOP UK Entrepreneurs.
  • I turned mild burnout and two recent redundancies into opportunities to grow my career and leadership beyond what I thought was possible for me.
  • I reached outside of finance,  set up and run a community group organising workshops and conferences, volunteered in several meaningful projects that filled my heart with purpose.
  • Then discovered my abilities to step into management and leadership facilitating change within organisations and building high-performing teams.
  • In 2020 I have become an Amazon bestselling co-author when contributing to inspiring and empowering book Joy – recipes for Abundance.
  • I continue to write, blog and develop online trainings for my platform Zero to Dream Job to empower more employees to build a purposeful and fulfilling career.

What helpes me to overcome my challenges and grow my career potential while having enough time to enjoy my life?

It’s playing to my talents and strengths:

I will be honest, I would love the same for you

Enough of feeling frustrated, playing small or waiting for the perfect moment.

Join this powerful training with an experienced Career Coach who understands how it feels when you’re not living up to your full career potential, this training may be the right fit for you.

Is this the right training right for you? 

If you want to learn how to discover your talents and how to achieve your ambitions through your strengths, then this training is for you. 

This training is ideal for these 3 groups of people. You could be: 

  • EMPLOYEE who feels bored, stuck or unhappy in their work. You’re not thinking to change your job or career as such, but your dream is to feel more relaxed and less stressed at work. You desire to build a successful and fulfilling career on your talents and strengths.  


  • EMPLOYEE who feels frustrated and stuck in their existing job. Yet you’re unsure whether you should change your job, industry or simply change your career. Most of the time you feel that this is not the right job for you but you stay here, because it pays bills, feels safe and familiar. You desire clarity before making the change. 


  • MANAGER or emerging leader who feels tired, frustrated or overworked. Your dream is to enjoy your life more, reduce your working hours, play to your strengths, engage your team and create a better work-and-life balance to see your family more.

This course is also for you if: 

  • You are reluctant to pursue your career ambitions right now, 
  • You want to stop second guessing yourself,
  • You want to feel more confident to achieve your next career ambition, 
  • You are prepared to turn up on time, attend 6 online sessions and complete extra assignments, 
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and your professional development. 

Here’s WHAT You Need to achieve your career ambitions in RECORD time 

 1) Discover your unique combination of talents, 

 2) Prepare for a achieving your career ambitions with ease by understanding how to apply your talents and strengths to achieve success and fulfilment in your career, 

 3) Stop wasting your time by being passive, sceptical or resigned. 

Remember It’s NOT a course, IT’S a SHORTCUT  

If you are looking for a 6-month long course, degree or a 99-page long book that is more about theory and less about work … Then this is not for you …  

The training is your Shortcut to learn how to fulfil your career ambitions with more ease and confidence through unlocking your career potential and talents. 



Total Value: £720 (equivalent to 6 personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions) 

PRICE: £299

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  • Who are looking for a magic wand that can solve all their problems. 
  • Who think they will achieve your career ambitions lying on a bed and staring at the TV.
  • Who don’t want to take action and responsibility for their results

If you are one of them, I have bad news for you.

It doesn’t work like this.

Don’t waste your time reading this page. I don’t have any magic wand for you.  


  • Who’d rather work on their career ambitions than blame others for their failure,
  • Who know they have to take inspired action to get massive results,
  • Who are ready to use the shortcuts to get results faster (but still know they have to take action!).

If you are an action taker, welcome.  



Total Value: £720 (equivalent to 6 personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions) 

PRICE: £299

When is the next course opening?

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Still sitting on the fence? Here is an invitation for you.

I stand by my course and will give you 100 % guarantee back within 10 days from the end of this course if you don’t discover what this course promised. The only condition that I have is that you will complete all six sessions and your assignments, because here I cannot be the only one who is committed to your success.


  • Your results may vary. It takes dedication to get extraordinary results. I don’t believe in quick fixes or overnight success. This course will help you do discover and understand your talents and how to apply them to achieve your career ambitions, but your individual results may vary from person to person.  For some employees, it takes quicker and for others longer depending on their awareness and commitment to discover own talents.
  • We expressly disclaim responsibility in any way for the choices, actions, results, use, misuse or non-use of the information provided or obtained through any of our Programs, Products, Services or Program Materials. You agree that your results are strictly your own and we are not liable or responsible in any way for your results.