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You can have no idea about your dream job when you come to work with me and I guarantee you that you will come out with a minimum of 2 dream jobs; career options aligned with you – your talents, desires, skillset and passions.

I help you discover the Leonardo da Vinci, the multitalented person that is so deeply sleeping inside of you. I help you to unlock your sleeping career potential.

Brave statement?

Maybe … but this is what I do with and for my dear clients – sensitive, multitalented and multi-passionate professionals in their 30s or 40s who felt locked or stuck in their careers, who desired to come out the box they felt locked in.

I was one of them. Feeling deeply imprisoned in my finance career.

I had all others skills, desires and creativity that I didn’t know how to express. I was afraid to take the risk, to quit my well-established finance job for an idealistic concept of earning money from creativity, education and spirituality.

One day after a coaching with my business coach I searched for my role models. Leonardo came to my mind right away. I explored why I was so attracted to him. It became clear soon – his ability to express and develop his multiple talents. That was exactly wha I wanted to do.

To express the educator, artist as well as connector who was hiding behind my finance career.


Why do I work with multitalented or multi-passionate people?

Over the last ten years I observed a group of employees who simply don’t fit in the “box” in their regular employment. These employees think beyond their job description.

Their challenge usually is that when they start expressing their multiple talents, new ideas or concepts, they face situations that are hard to handle.

They become either overloaded because their managers tend to put too much on their plate and take the advantage of their skillset and potential (most of the time for the same salary).

Or if they have a manager who sees them as a threat, these employees could feel misunderstood, ignored or sometimes even criticized for being unrealistic or having crazy ideas.

I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault it’s just that job descriptions tend to lock people in a box.

There is so much beauty and potential in multi-passionate people but we don’t know how to work with them.

It’s so common for business people to integrate 2 or 3 professions in their business or career (fitness instructor, speaker and writer) but when an employee wants to do the same, they struggle.

Perhaps because of the way how we look at them and how we treat them at work – as a potential treat, risk or as someone who doesn’t know what they want, because they should actually chose one thing and do it properly.

We live in 21st century when employers could highly benefit and support employees to develop their multitalented potential yet we working as we used to in 20th century – trying to fit a person into a job description, trying to lock their potential into a box.

These are not just my thoughts.

Those are experiences of my clients – real people who realised why there were struggling and why they felt stuck, ignored or disregarded.


Let’s unlock your multitalents and potential

I remember a client of mine, a highly skilled nurse who approached her manager after our coaching session. She was asking if there were any further opportunities where she could contribute in wellbeing of their nurses.

She simply observed how stressed, overworked other nurses were at her work place but no one was doing anything about it. Guess what the outcome was? She was told there was no other opportunity except for what she was doing.

No surprise she felt like not having another choice then to leave her workplace and find a new opportunity. And she did.

I am very proud how she’s growing professionally and engaging her multiple talents as a Recovery Nurse Manager and Wellbeing consultant at her new workplace.

She unlocked her talents, connected them and created a new opportunity that she loves. She’s my Leonardo. The same is available to you.


How can you recognise the Leonardo in you at the first sight?

You don’t have to be a famous artist to discover your multitalented potential:


  • You love questionning and posses great curiosity, you’re curious about different areas of life,
  • You’re a never-ending student with a desire to explore various subjects,
  • While working you’re not afraid to engage your senses and express your observations rather then following orders blindly,
  • You’re developing a balance between science and art, logic and creativity,
  • You’re not afraid to learn from making your own mistakes and love to question,
  • You love creating positive, upligting environment and enlighten others,
  • You easily find yourself fascinated by renaissance, philosophy, literature, art, science, nature to name a few.

If you would love to learn more about the principles and potential that are typical for Leonardo’s life work and way of working, I highly recommend you a book of Michael GelbHow to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Everyday

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