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Whether you feel confused like Bridget Jones, ordinary like Clark Kent or curious like 21st century Leonardo da Vinci, you have talents that you most likely haven’t discovered yet.

And because you haven’t discovered them, you are not aware of how to build on your talents, how to access your natural capacity for excellence and how to unlock your dream job.

Let me help you change that.

Let me help you discover what is GREAT about YOU

Most employees who come to work with me think that they are anything but talented. They very much feel like “I am not good enough to achieve my career ambitions.”

That actually makes sense because when you feel overworked, lost, frustrated or stuck in your job, your attention goes to noticing all those things that are simply not good enough and everything that isn’t working out for you.

At some point everything is not good – everything about you, about your clients and colleagues, about the job, about the company …

Feeling not good enough is running the show.

But there is hope.

Let’s start with YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH

In my view, focus on our weaknesses is so deeply rooted in our way of thinking.

So, no surprise when your job sucks, when you underperform or when you fail to achieve your career ambitions that you feel like not being good enough too.

You’ve not landed on this blog to read that you are not good enough.

Because I don’t believe in embracing your weaknesses.

I believe in embracing your GREATNESS and helping you to see that.



If there is one thing that you could change right now, it’s really this – recognise that you are good enough and talented to achieve your career ambitions. You have what it takes.

If you can’t see that for yourself, why not reach out to me to change that?

Whether you want to change your career, climb the ladder or claim your payrise to earn 5k, 10k more on your annual salary … realise you are good enough the way you are.

Realise you have talents that can help you achieve your ambitions.

Discover your TALENTS

I could focus purely on helping you improve your performance, but I won’t.

That’s not how I work with my clients. I don’t think you’re a robot or a machine. And I don’t want you to turn into one either.

That’s why a big part of my work goes into helping employees and freelancers discover their TALENTS.

Through this approach they access their natural capacity to excel, enrich this world and make a difference.

And I won’t hide that I want the same for you.

I want you to discover your beauty, greatness and fun in your career.

I want you to experience what if feels like when you feel fulfilled, happy and excited in your working life.

I want you to discover what is feels like when you’re leaving a touching memory of your contribution in life of others.

And I want you to realise one day “Wow, I didn’t even think this was possible for me!”

Zero to Dream Job Testimonial, Jamie Graphic designer

I am confident to say that you would come out of working with me with increased CONFIDENCE and appreciation of yourself, just as Jamie did in our 1-2-1 sessions:

“Zero to Dream Job has had a genuinely positive impact on my career, allowing me to take a step back and take a more considered approach to my working life. Adriana is a fantastic listener and she takes a real interest in your skills and personal history. I came out of our numerous chats with the confidence to focus on my existing strengths, rather than trying to live up to unattainable targets.”
Jamie, graphic designer, London – completed Strengths Discovery Sessions

In a nutshell, I really care about helping you to tap into your sleeping potential and discover your multiple talents.

Luckily my TOP talents Connectedness, Activator and Self-Assurance help me dig deeper to discover the essence of your talents and help you connect them to your working life.

If we were to work together on discovering your talents, we would look at you as a person holistically.

We would focus a big part of our work on engaging your curiosity and looking at all those great qualities that you already have, but can’t see.

You can be an IT specialist, manager, mortage advisor, accountant, sales person, nurse or a teaching assistant who does not realise their full potential yet – because you only know what you know.

You see only what you choose to see.

And if you choose to see your imperfections, low confidence and confusion, that’s what you get.

Or maybe you just don’t see it right now when you feel stuck or frustrated.

Maybe you reached the point when you feel like a failure or not good enough, but this point is only a gentle reminder that there is a lot of greater things to discover about yourself, if you want to.


What I see is different because of the way I look at you.

I look at you beyond the description of your job.

I think beyond your profession.

I look at you as a whole being – a person who already has what it needs to find joy, fulfilment and success in your career.

And above all, I can help you to see that too.

The question is do you also want to?

Message me directly through my LinkedIn if you want to discover your talents or discuss your next career options and professional growth.

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