Results love commitment

“When it comes to turning your dreams into reality, results love your commitment.”

How did you get on with step 6? Did you discover your big why? Remember what matters is knowing why finding your dream job is important to you and how inspired you are by the possibility of having your dream job in less than 6 months. Have you noticed one thing? Has your desire to find your dream job got even bigger after you found your big reason why? Did you get even more excited and scared at the same time? So now is the time to start turning your words into reality. It’s time to create a powerful commitment aligned with your big why.

“One thing that successful people walk with every day is the big commitment to their dream. And this is free.”

Before we talk about the commitment more, I need to ask you a big favour. From now on, can you give up your belief that you can’t be successful? Believing that one day soon you will find your dream job makes a big difference. I 100 % believe in your success. It’s time you did too. So let’s turn your dream to find the most perfect job into the commitment. Ready to make the declaration?

Step #7 coffee break exercise:

  • Zero to dream jobThink about your dream job again. Choose the one that you would like to find within less than next 6 months. Create your declaration: “I have everything I need and commit to finding my dream job in less than next 6 months.”
  • How does this declaration make you feel? Excited, inspired or scared? Good! Declarations are powerful and they naturally push you out of your comfort zone. This is just the place where you want to be right now. So enjoy it!
  • Share your declaration with your buddy. Ask for their support if you feel scared. Is there anything you can do to support them? Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together..

# 7 – Turn your dream into commitment

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