Wow! Today you have made it to step 10. You are 1/3 through! Congrats! How did you score your desire to take actions to find your dream job in step 9? Hope it’s higher than 7. And if still isn’t, don’t worry. Our topic today will have you see things from a different perspective. You see, when looking for their dream job many people start with assessing if they are good enough for it. Naturally, after a few minutes of analysing if they fit and meet the criteria, they come up with a big list of things they can’t do or why they don’t fit. This either drives them to give up, try to fit in or simply look for a different opportunity …

“Fulfilled people know where and how they make a difference in this world.”

When you are looking for your dream job, one thing is clear. Unless you know WHERE and HOW you make a significant difference to your future employer in your dream job, why should they know? Making a difference is not about giving exciting promises which you may find challenging to deliver. It is about being aware of the impact your actions and behaviour have on others. Have your actions or behaviour resulted in improved situations, circumstances, perceptions or services for others, be it your colleagues, managers, customers, clients, users, patients? What have they gained, learnt, discovered from your work?

Step #10 coffee break exercise:

  • Step 3 Dare to discover who you areThink about your dream job. Then think about a difference that you can make in this job. List down 5 areas in which you can make a difference to your colleagues, boss, directors, customers of the organisation, people that you would serve in your dream job offer…
  • If you have not written down anything, do get in touch with your friends, colleagues, old employers and do a little quiz. Ask them where you made a big difference to their work and life.
  • Share about your discoveries with your buddy. What difference do you bring to their life? How do they contribution to theirs? Supporting each other will help you find your dream job and it’s fun to do it together.

#10 – Focus on “WHERE and HoW” you make the biggest difference

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